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ENT Clinic

We are delighted to add an ENT clinic to the services offered at our practice.

Microsuction is an ear wax cleaning technique using a high powered microscope and a suction device, which is a bit like a very fine, delicate vacuum cleaner. It is the same technique used by Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and is safer and usually superior to other methods such as water syringing (somewhat higher risks of ear drum trauma and ear infections) and ear candling (little or no evidence of any effect).

A disposable speculum (the same as when the doctor usually examines your ears) is inserted into your ear canal. The nurse and/or doctor examines the ear canal and ear drum through the microscope. A suction tube is put gently into the ear canal and ear wax and debris is suctioned out under direct view until you have a clean ear. 

You may be asked to use drops for several days beforehand, this can make the treatment easier for you. 

Anyone who needs their ears cleaned and is able to sit still is able to have ear microsuction (it is unsuitable for children under about 7 or 8). It is particularly good for 'Surfers Ear'. Hearing aid users ideally should have wax removed every 4-6 months.

Please call the practice on 9342 0471 to book an appointment.

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