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Registrar Information

Kingsley Family Practice is an accredited training post for General Practice trainees. We are a medium-sized practice, servicing a diverse community. You will gain exposure to a highly varied range of patients, including paediatrics, young adult medicine, antenatal care, chronic disease management, and older adult medicine. Whether you're transitioning from the hospital system as a basic registrar, or a more experienced advanced trainee - you'll be well supported in your journey from trainee to Fellow. 

Our friendly and approachable practitioners provide one-on-one weekly structured supervision, access to on-site senior support when required, and mentorship to all of our valued registrars. All supervisors are highly experienced, each with unique special interests, as well as a detailed understanding of the GP training curriculum (including experience as RACGP Fellowship Examiners!)

You'll be welcome to observe and learn procedural skills, including skin cancer surgery (from biopsy/simple excisions to advanced flaps and grafts), ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections, IUD insertion, ENT operating microscope use, and much more. The practice itself is highly equipped, including on-site ECG, spirometry, ankle-brachial index, ultrasound, and ambulatory BP monitoring. Registrars who train at our practice will have the unique opportunity to develop their own set of specialised skills and interests.

Get in touch to discuss training opportunities!  

Call (08) 9342 0471 or email

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